Coronavirus (COVID-19) is officially a worldwide pandemic as it continues to spread globally. The doctors and researchers on the Baysient team are actively developing treatments for COVID-19 to help end the death toll it has caused around the world.

For now, everyone’s focus should be on stopping or slowing the spread of the virus. Until an effective treatment is identified, we urge everyone to stay safe and healthy by following these tips, provided by the CDC

Understand How  COVID-19 Spreads

The COVID-19 virus mainly spreads from person-to-person through close contact or respiratory droplets when they sneeze or cough. In some cases, the virus may be transmitted through mutually touched surfaces if they are not properly cleaned or disinfected. 

Practice Social Distancing

By remaining at a distance from the general population, you prevent yourself and others from catching the virus. Even if you are not sick, you may be a carrier for COVID-19 without realizing it, so leaving your home unnecessarily puts others at risk. If you are sick, with COVID-19 or any other illness, it is essential to stay home to prevent others from catching it as well.

It is important to note that social distancing is not the same as social isolation. You can be in your homes but still continue to interact with friends and family virtually through phone calls, video messaging, video games, and virtual movie nights.  

Wash Your Hands

When in doubt, go back to basics. One of the best ways to prevent the spread of any virus is to regularly wash your hands with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Never touch your eyes, mouth, nose or face with unclean hands as they may contain the virus or other bacteria that can make you sick. If you are unable to wash your hands, you may use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. 

Clean Your Home

Even while practicing social distancing, there may be reasons to leave the house, such as to stock up on groceries. When we leave and come back home, we track in germs and bacteria that may make us sick. It is essential to regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your home such as door handles, light switches, countertops, phones, remotes, and sinks. 

Together, these tips can help to flatten the curve, or slow down the spread of the virus so that clinicians have the time and resources required to treat more people. 

We will keep you updated as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Thank you for trusting Baysient.