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Precision Dosing for Oncology Biologics

Every patient’s cancer journey is unique, shaped by their genetic makeup, the nature of their tumor, and their body’s response to treatment. Biologics, with their immense potential in cancer therapy, require precision in dosing to unlock their full therapeutic potential.

Enter TuMinimize™ – Baysient’s compuceutical therapeutic drug monitoring software, tailored for oncologists. Designed to optimize the dosing of oncology biologics, TuMinimize helps ensure that every patient receives the right dose at the right time, maximizing treatment efficacy and minimizing adverse reactions.

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Why Choose TuMinimize™?

Tailored Treatments in Oncology:

The Need for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Standard dosing regimens don’t always cater to individual needs. TuMinimize offers a personalized approach, adjusting for factors like rapid drug metabolism and unique tumor characteristics.

With a focus on renowned biologics like bevacizumab (Avastin®), pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA®) and atezolizumab (TECENTRIQ®) with plans for more, TuMinimize champions individualized cancer therapy.

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Features of TuMinimize

Web-based Nomogram/Algorithm: A cutting-edge algorithm that tailors dosing based on patient-specific clinical data.

Expanding Drug Library: Starting with key oncology biologics, we’re broadening our scope to encompass emerging treatments.

Real-time Data Integration: Efficiency is key. TuMinimize offers immediate dosing recommendations, ensuring decisions are timely and informed.

The Science Behind Therapeutic Drug Monitoring with TuMinimize

Biological Half-life

TuMinimize understands the variations in how long a drug remains effective at specific concentrations and ensures dosing aligns with a drug’s behavior in a patient’s body.

Clearance and Efficacy

Rapid or slow drug clearance affects outcomes. Our algorithms factor in these rates, balancing therapeutic benefits with risks.

Adaptive to New Research

Oncology is dynamic. TuMinimize evolves with the latest insights, ensuring recommendations are always current.

Benefits of Using TuMinimize

Enhanced Outcomes

Reduce treatment failures and adverse reactions with precision dosing.

Efficiency and Savings

Real-time recommendations save time, and optimal dosing reduces wastage, leading to cost-effective treatments.

Informed Decisions

Back your choices with evidence and stay updated with the latest in oncology research.

How Does TuMinimize Work?

Step 1

Access the TuMinimize Web-based Application

Step 2

Input Patient Characteristics

Input the patient’s unique characteristics, including:

  • Weight
  • Last administered dose
  • Last measured trough concentration
  • Dose interval
Step 3

TuMinimize Calculations

Enter the trough you would like the patient to achieve, and TuMinimize will provide four dose and duration options immediately.

Step 4

Provide Individualized Maintenance Dosing

Provide multiple dosing regimens that can allow patients in maintenance to attain and sustain a therapeutic drug trough level, improving their long-term drug response.

Join the Future of Oncology Treatment

Provide Individualized Maintenance Dosing
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Traditional dosing methods are failing our cancer patients. TuMinimize offers a solution with therapeutic drug monitoring, ensuring precision in treatment. Stand up for evidence-based care. Book a demo to learn more about TuMinimize.

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