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Director, Research
Baysient LLC

Dr. Upton has a Bachelor of Science degree in General Biology from Flinders University. He completed a Ph.D. in 1989 at the Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia under the supervision of Professors Laurie Mather and Bill Runciman. His thesis investigated the physiological basis of drug disposition in specific organs and regions of the body using a chronically instrumented sheep preparation.

From 1989 to 2009 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Dr. Upton continued this large animal work investigating the physiological mechanisms underlying the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of a number of drugs used in anesthesia. Dr. Upton also developed physiologically- based pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic models to analyze data from this laboratory. He has contributed to pre-clinical drug development, including modeling and scaling of animal data to predict the first dose in man. Clinical studies have included conducting Phase I and other clinical trials, and particularly the population pharmacokinetic analysis of data from clinical trials using NONMEM and other software.

Dr. Upton has published over 130 papers and supervised a number of postgraduate students and postdocs.

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