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T3 Time to Target®

for Fixing IV Infliximab Dosing

Time To Target (T3) is a new web-based Individualized Patient Nomogram/Algorithm specifically developed to easily determine precision dosing based on real patient’s clinical characteristics and a measured trough concentration. Every patient is different, therefore, every patient may need individualized dosing. Physicians can improve treatment outcomes for their inflammatory disease patients with precision dosing from T3. View large image of patented algorithm.

T3 redefines biologic drug therapy with Compuceutical technology – a blend of cloud-based software and pharmaceutical precision for next-gen treatment.

6 Month Free Trial

What Makes T3 Unique

The biological half-life value of the drug is defined as the time it takes for the concentration of the drug in the plasma or the total amount in the body to be reduced by 50%. Identifying the biological half-life value is useful for determining elimination rate as well as steady-state concentrations for the drug. 

Baysient’s new app, T3 is an algorithm that will determine the individual half-life of a drug for each patient. By having this information, an accurate indication of the length of time until the drug concentrations fall below the target concentration can be determined. You can learn more about how T3 fixes infliximab dosing in our blog. 

Every clinician should be utilizing this algorithm when prescribing patients infliximab because it will help determine doses and intervals that will allow the drug to be present long enough and at a high enough exposure to treat their condition. In some cases, some medical conditions can either shorten or prolong the half-life of a drug, which is why it is important for clinicians to consider half-life when prescribing drugs to avoid prescribing subtherapeutic doses.

Get started with this simple and easy-to-use app for only:
$100 per Month / Unlimited Patients / Cancel Anytime. 

6 Month Free Trial!

Why Choose T3

T3 Fixes Infliximab Maintenance Dosing

T3 calculates treatment plans that yield a significantly lower incidence of anti-drug antibodies and treatment failures.

T3 is Simple and Easy to Use

Simply input the patient’s unique characteristics and enter the trough you would like the patient to achieve. T3 will do the rest.

T3 Clinical Utilization

Use T3 to provide individualized dosing regimens based on your patients’ unique characteristics.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Access T3 Web-Based Application

6 Month Free Trial

Step 2

Input Patient Characteristics

Input the patient’s unique characteristics, including:

  • Weight
  • Last Administered Dose
  • Last measured trough concentration
  • Dose Interval

Step 3

T3 Calculations

Enter the trough you would like the patient to achieve and T3 will provide four dose and duration options immediately.

Step 4

Provide Individualized Maintenance Dosing

Provide multiple dosing regimens that can allow patients in maintenance to attain and sustain a therapeutic drug trough level, improving their long-term drug response.

Get Started With T3 Today!

This easy-to-use, intuitive app provides individualized maintenance dosing calculations at your fingertips. Improve your patient outcomes today for only:
$100 per Month / Unlimited Patients / Cancel Anytime.

6 Month Free Trial
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