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iDose® is a new web-based application specifically developed to facilitate the dosing of biological agents by integrating real patient’s clinical characteristics. Every patient is different and may need individualized dosing.

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See How iDose Can Help You:

  • Achieve rapid, effective titration and optimal pharmacologic intervention
  • Individualize patient dose regimens
  • Calculate the dose required to achieve the desired concentration
  • Provide a standardized, auditable and measurable means to facilitate dose selection for each patient

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How Does It Work?

Step 1

Physician Consultation

An initial physician consultation will collect all pertinent medical information from the patient, evaluate their condition, and discuss the efficacy of a personalized treatment plan.

Step 2

Blood Test

A blood test is used to determine the patient’s individual response to drug therapeutics, including clearance and levels of anti-drug antibodies.

Step 3

iDose Calculations

The physician inputs the patient’s drug response data and demographic information into a Bayesian model-based software that assists them in developing an individualized dose to a specific target trough level.

Step 4

Precision Dosing

iDose allows physicians to make better use of therapeutic drug monitoring to individualize treatment.

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