Marla Dubinsky, MD, Discusses Patient Success with Dashboard-Guided Infliximab Induction in Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News Article

Baysient’s patented iDose system uses Bayesian models, laboratory data, and demographics to individualize Infliximab dosing, effectively improving inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patient outcomes. Marla Dubinsky, MD, conducted a study on proper dosing regimens for IBD patients, concluding that “up to 80% of people with [IBD] should receive Infliximab in shorter intervals than is conventionally administered, starting during induction.” Her findings were featured in Gastroenterology and Endoscopy News and Podcasts360.

Dr. Dubinsky’s research relied on therapeutic drug monitoring during induction through iDose’s calculations, which provided her with exactly when the patient would reach the target serum concentration and when they needed to receive their next infusion for optimal outcomes. 

See Dr. Dubinsky’s research using iDose here. 

iDose is revolutionizing the way inflammatory-disease patients are treated, improving the effectiveness of Infliximab and ensuring patients do not develop drug-resistant antibodies too soon into treatment. By providing individualized dosing regimens, iDose reduces the chance of drug failure, helping patients reach and maintain remission while lowering overall healthcare costs. 

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