Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) represents a group of chronic intestinal conditions, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. These disorders cause prolonged inflammation in the digestive tract, leading to uncomfortable and sometimes unpredictable symptoms. 

Living with IBD can be a daily challenge with symptoms of diarrhea, stomach pain, cramping and constipation emerging suddenly. Some patients with IBD have suffered malnutrition from their condition while others suffered chronic bowel obstruction. Some patients may also experience bleeding. While every patient has different symptoms and severity, IBD places patients in uncomfortable and painful situations. 

Treatments for IBD

There are a variety of treatments for IBD ranging from conservative lifestyle choices to medications to surgery. Every patient will have different medical outcomes from each of these treatment options and should work with their doctor to find the best solution. 

Lifestyle Choices

Some lifestyle choices can have a positive impact on alleviating one’s IBD symptoms. For example, quitting smoking, avoiding dairy, maintaining a healthy weight and drinking plenty of fluids can all help to ease the symptoms of IBD. 

Certain diets have also been known to help with the symptoms of IBD. One of these diets is the low FODMAP diet, which limits the intake of FODMAP foods (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols). It is important to speak with your doctor or dietitian before beginning any diet, including a low FODMAP diet. 

However, one may not reach IBD remission through lifestyle changes alone.

Personalized Dosing for IBD

Patients taking biologic medications for their IBD treatment may notice that their dosages are changed relatively frequently to try to improve response. Baysient developed a solution to end the pattern of increased drug costs paired with better health outcomes. 

Baysient’s iDose model facilitates individualized dosing for inflammatory-disease patients using Bayesian models, routine lab results, and demographics. With iDose, physicians no longer need to guess the perfect dose of Infliximab, helping their patients reach remission faster and more cost-effectively. 

Patients interested in receiving personalized dosing for the anti-inflammatory diseases should talk to their doctor about acquiring iDose for their practice. Physicians can learn more about Baysient’s revolutionary iDose system by scheduling their free demo!